Sunday, October 20, 2013

Just Surf

I've been missing all of the Fall wave sailing action but have been able to snatch a few surf seshes.  OIB, Surf City, Wrightsville.  Here are a few pics Jennifer took during some small leftover NE wrap at OIB.

Wow.  Great shot Jennifer. 
 Pump pump!
 Check out the school in the bottom left. 
 End o the day

Thursday, July 4, 2013

You've got 1 night. Make It Work.

She gave me 1 night and I was so glad to get it.  Packed in a hurry the night before so I forgot my camera but did manage to get most of the necessary gear.  Arrived in Avon with a massive t storm dumping rain and sparking.  After that one moved out no more weather to speak of other than great Bermuda High wave sailing conditions.

I think it stormed most of the morning with a lot of WSW.  Anyway the wrap around was really clean after so I grabbed the 85L dacurve quad and paired it with a 4.7 North Hero I demoed from Ocean Air.  After the initial rigging I added down haul and was set the rest of the day.  That sail felt great and it was easier to spill off the power than my old Ezzy.  The quad is my 1st true wave board of any kind and after initially having trouble last year adjusting it was wonderful to get that thing dialed in.  Suffices to say my initial issues were just that I needed to get used to all that rocker and pivot jibe / tack.  For a few hours the conditions were ideal side off DTL and I had my most fun sesh ever.  I've got to keep working on my skills to extend the range of the wave board when the current gets gnarly but I have high hopes.

All in all I sailed from 2:30-dark the Friday and all day Saturday.  Saturday was certainly much more challenging with lots more current, weirder wind and direct choppy wind swell- but bigger nuggets. Keith took this photo late Saturday.  Here I am well past exhausted, getting absolutely sand blasted head to toe and dreading the drive back- but still buzzing from 2 great days.  Mike Wazenski sailing in.

Andy took shots of Keith on these nuggets.  The rest of Keith's photos are here.

Typical this time I would have all kinds of issues with the video but it is what it is.

ego beach june 28 from rdm on Vimeo.

Fish Camp also got some gopro action.  Nice!  A dream indeed.

This is mostly for my reference but here is Avon Ocean wind readings for Friday and Saturday.  Note the clean wind from 2pm to 8pm.  Steadier direction too.  Saturday was a bit of back and forth on everything.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

A little wave vid

This is a little sample of recent fun at Ego Beach across from C Hole.  There is a quite a wind shadow on the inside on SW here but with ramp 43 and 44 completely closed the conditions still lined up nicely. Keith McCulluch took some great photos of Andy McKinney also.  Link to Keith's photos

few waves at ego beach from rdm on Vimeo.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

A little summer fun

Paddle surf Friday afternoon with Ken and Mark
Surf Saturday with Ken.  Saturday afternoon light wind wave sail with Ken while Mac and Mark paddle surfed.
Sunday little warm up sesh at C hole with Mac and Mark.  Then wave sailing with the OBX locals.
Monday solo wave sailing ahead of the front.  Keith did show up just in time for the storm to kill the wind but did get 1 wave.

Keith took some shots Sunday.  Perfect temps.

Bill on a nugget
 Ken A. is looking for pearls

Mac has a great report on paddle palooza and a few more pics here.