Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Isaac Makes a Pass

I spent 3 great days with the OIB crew this weekend.  Saturday was sooo clean and the sets started coming in early so I got about 10 hours of paddle surfing the Fanatic Prowave 8'10 not counting some time on Kyle's longboard when we traded off.  That longboard was a ton of fun and Kyle was stoked on the SUP too!  Sunday was another 9-10 hours of paddle surfing... bigger but not quite as clean since there was a little side-on chop to deal with.  Monday I got a 3 hour side to side-on wave sailing sesh in on the Prowave.  The size was still there and T-storms just inland stoked up a nice breeze.  What a fantastic way to cap off the last day before heading back to work.

Once again I was having too much fun to take many pics but I did get a few from Saturday.  Chris and I had the place to ourselves most of early Saturday and Jace made it a little later Saturday and Sunday.


Saturday, August 11, 2012

August Action

I drove through lots of mist and rain to get there but the skies opened and we had a beautiful sunny day Friday.  Sam, Ken and I had a blast at C hole and then evening action in the ocean.  Like Keith said- hey it is August, we're lucky to get any wind at all.  Well, since it has been a vacuum in Greensboro I wholly agree.

Keith and Andy had the higher wind before we got there.

Threes Company

Fity is on it!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Step Into Ripple

The Hawaii and Mavericks crews have been hounding Leah for some time about us all getting out to Belews Lake to share tow in techniques but Leah's schedule is prohibitive.  Imagine- the biggest and smallest wave surfers in the world getting together to show that it is all about making the most of what you have.  Laird we'll make it work eventually.

ripple from rdm on Vimeo.

Leah learned short board wake surfing faster than I did when we first tried it with our friends Joe and Jennifer.  Adding the paddle gets you through chop from lots of summer boat traffic. 

The wave maker.  A 14' fiberglass tri hull with 40hp Suzuki.

The poor man's fat sack.  5 gallon water container.  We don't have to have it to surf but hey it also makes a nice cushion when the board is tight in the pocket.