Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Isaac Makes a Pass

I spent 3 great days with the OIB crew this weekend.  Saturday was sooo clean and the sets started coming in early so I got about 10 hours of paddle surfing the Fanatic Prowave 8'10 not counting some time on Kyle's longboard when we traded off.  That longboard was a ton of fun and Kyle was stoked on the SUP too!  Sunday was another 9-10 hours of paddle surfing... bigger but not quite as clean since there was a little side-on chop to deal with.  Monday I got a 3 hour side to side-on wave sailing sesh in on the Prowave.  The size was still there and T-storms just inland stoked up a nice breeze.  What a fantastic way to cap off the last day before heading back to work.

Once again I was having too much fun to take many pics but I did get a few from Saturday.  Chris and I had the place to ourselves most of early Saturday and Jace made it a little later Saturday and Sunday.


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  1. How do you like the pro wave? looking to get the 8'10. What is your height and weight if you dont mind me asking?