Saturday, July 30, 2011

The 85L stick gets a workout

Sam and I caught some nice SW action 3 straight days at Canadian Hole last weekend.  Friday was 85L/4.7, Saturday was 112L/4.7 in the Avon Ocean followed by 5.2/85L back at the Hole and Sunday was 85L/4.2.  Sam is lovin that 104L Cross and had his first ocean sail with it Saturday morning.  The wind was really light and hit-miss but it counts.  I put the gopro clew mount on Friday for a while.  We'll try to get some of that action out sometime soon.  Same broke out his gopro later Friday and caught 1 great run out in the sound.  Cool double view bump and jump action.  Here is a sequence from Sam's vid.

This was a long overdue trip.  It left Sam feeling wax eloquent too.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Lake Boarding. Dust off your shortboard.

We had a nice family vacation at the lake this past weekend.  Leah, Jennifer and I took out old greeny to make a little wave.  We paddle surfed the 10'5 Drive, wake boarded and towed a 6'2 surf board which was everyones favourite in all the choppy water.  The board has glassed in thruster fins that are way too big for me but dang that thing is fun to rip.  Add in some pumping and the resistance from the tow goes pretty low but we certainly didn't have enough wave to toss the rope. 

We even got Jennifer riding a surf board for the first time.

Saturday evening we did some flat water paddling with the Mana, Fly and Drive.  Lots of folks out on their deck starting or continuing the partying noticed and showed lots of interest.  My neighbors are stoked about SUP and learning to sail so hopefully we'll eventually have a group there.