Saturday, July 30, 2011

The 85L stick gets a workout

Sam and I caught some nice SW action 3 straight days at Canadian Hole last weekend.  Friday was 85L/4.7, Saturday was 112L/4.7 in the Avon Ocean followed by 5.2/85L back at the Hole and Sunday was 85L/4.2.  Sam is lovin that 104L Cross and had his first ocean sail with it Saturday morning.  The wind was really light and hit-miss but it counts.  I put the gopro clew mount on Friday for a while.  We'll try to get some of that action out sometime soon.  Same broke out his gopro later Friday and caught 1 great run out in the sound.  Cool double view bump and jump action.  Here is a sequence from Sam's vid.

This was a long overdue trip.  It left Sam feeling wax eloquent too.

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  1. You were killing the jumps. That's cool how my GoPro clew mount framed your jumps with my rig. I couldn't believe how much you were carving that board at break-neck speed. I think I need a wave board.