Monday, August 15, 2011

Wind SUPs: Should you own one?

I don't want to brag, just want to put you in line.  Your baby ain't sweet like mine. *

Boardseeker Magazine did a recent equipment writeup on what they call WindSUPs.  They ask the question "Should you own one?".  The interesting thing is they used their "clone" board testers to try a few wind powered SUPs in the waves.  The clones are very good wave sailors and are usually giving feedback on 70 - 85 L wave sticks in well to overpowered conditions.  The article reports the initial response and later the second try response for the testers.  Should be very interesting for anyone thinking of getting a SUP and considering a sail attachment. 

In my experience here is a list of folks who should and should not own a wind SUP.

Should NOT
  • You live on the coast and you are spoiled with quick access to great conditions whenever they pop up.  Wind, waves or both.  You can wait for the best stuff and I admire your Kung Fu.
  • You don't live on the coast but you can wait for the best stuff and I really admire your Kung Fu.
  • Beginner SUP paddlers and beginner windsurfers.  You need all the water time you can work in.  You can later add 1 sail rig and you've got a water Swiss army knife.
  • Inland men or women that love the water.  Only lightning keeps you off the water (sometimes).
  • Old salty freeride/slalom windsurfers that moan- the thrill is gone, the thrill is gone.  Learn some new sail handling and it will make you a better blaster when the wind does come.
  • Believe it or not.  The hardcore wave sailors & surfers on the coast or inland.  Two of the best wave sailors I know, Bill Bell and Keith McCullough, are going on and on about the AHD Sealion light wind machine.
  • The aspiring wave sailors, like myself, that want to train for when the wind and waves finally line up.  Reference light wind freestyle.  It will make you a better wave sailor.

Leah and I have been having a blast with our ultimate water toys.  If there are still doubters about wind SUPs I bet you just haven't tried them.  They turn light wind into right wind.  Get out there and toss yourself around while you are still able to wear trunks!  Here is a little light August action showing the puff busters in action.

SUP Lightwind Freestyle from r d moore on Vimeo.

Just today Josh Sampiero and Windsurf Magazine released the new digital magazine Windsurfing: Standup Issue.  Great stuff Josh.  I had no idea the magazine would come out any time soon so talk about timing!  What's more, your friend and mine is pictured sailing in Raleigh.  Great pic Sambo!

* Carolina Chocolate Drops

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  1. Pretty hot sailing there chief. Josh should have put that in the Standup Issue too. Thanks for the props - I'm stoked he used my pic.