Monday, November 21, 2011

Fall Wave Sailing and the Overdue Updates

11/6 and 11/12 In Avon

Last weekend Ken and I had a chance to take advantage of some warm SW.  The NE swell that Sam and I surfed the previous weekend was fading and some SE was moving in.  Here is a little combo video showing some wave sailing with Ken on the Fanatic Prowave Quad 8'10 and bump n jump on a WindNC demo Tabou Dacurve Quad 85L.  I can't believe these things are street legal. 

The Tabou was the first and only quad windsurf board I've ridden.  I can't compare to others but I can say it was a blast in puffy NE wind with a 4.7.  Lots of times while wave sailing I want to give up zero ground while jibing so you'll notice I was trying to see how tight you can crank them.  The answer is the board can pivot like a merry go round and out carve the sail rotation.  I had to adjust my sail handling to catch back up to the tighter carves so be ready.  Sure it is loose.  In a good way.. You're not springing off the center fin when you jump a ramp- it is better to Ollie.  This seems to be a good compliment to a lighter wind freestyle board.  I could not cavitate this board.  You can slide when you push but it is a controlled drift.  The benefit is that once you get used to driving the board with the weight off your feet and from the front foot the board is very tolerant to poor landings with too much pressure on the back foot.  This also keeps the board feeling well controlled when overpowered in the gusts.  Demo one for yourself if you've never tried one.  No pressure to buy but you just have to try it to understand what companies are going for with these new designs.  I would love to hear some comments from folks who have tried them or have questions. 

**Update.  I missed this a year ago when Andy posted on Windsurf Mag.  Based on my sound side  experience this is absolutely not a sales pitch!  Andy was spot on with his description of the boards personality.  Check out a much improved description of first wave sail on the Tabou '11 team edition DaCurve 85L

Avon pier action.  Ken on the Starboard Drive. 

Ken, 'round the south side
last wave of the day back in Avon

Ahhhhh.  The easy exit.
Ken briefly on the 93L
Ken now on the pig.  To quote Ken, "we turned sows ears into silk purses with the SUPs"
Chad deciding between 70L or 93L.  93L won out while we sup sailed.  He even nailed a duck jibe.  Locals rule.
Ken with Bill on a smaller set. 
We worked our tails off in that current and strong offshore wind.  Here's Sam.  We did catch some of those beasts though.

10/27 With Leah at Belews

 Leah hasn't been on a short board since Avon this past Spring.  Muscle memory was there!
 Leah lit up on the 4.7/106L
Sometimes... well, you know.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Best Wave Sailing You've Never Seen

On this particular Wednesday the rain moved out before noon and blue skies persisted through sunset.  I paddle surfed about 20 minutes in a seriously choppy mix but caught a couple waves anyway- just to see how tough it was.  Getting out was a real challenge but there was no current!  The wind ramped up steadily from the side on angle and the 4.7 went up first.  By the time I had to switch to the 4.2 the side shore current was getting pretty serious but the wave size stayed consistent.  Jennifer did an awesome job with some photos considering the little camera she was working with. 

Mast Muncher Sequence

Smoke on the Water!

I did have fun paddling in some really small stuff the day before.

The only windsurf board action was at Dales.

If there could only be 1.  If your president passed a law that you can only own 1 board what would you pick?  Maybe the trusty windsurf board for thrills or the surf board for tropical action?  I've got a good idea what I would pick.