Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Best Wave Sailing You've Never Seen

On this particular Wednesday the rain moved out before noon and blue skies persisted through sunset.  I paddle surfed about 20 minutes in a seriously choppy mix but caught a couple waves anyway- just to see how tough it was.  Getting out was a real challenge but there was no current!  The wind ramped up steadily from the side on angle and the 4.7 went up first.  By the time I had to switch to the 4.2 the side shore current was getting pretty serious but the wave size stayed consistent.  Jennifer did an awesome job with some photos considering the little camera she was working with. 

Mast Muncher Sequence

Smoke on the Water!

I did have fun paddling in some really small stuff the day before.

The only windsurf board action was at Dales.

If there could only be 1.  If your president passed a law that you can only own 1 board what would you pick?  Maybe the trusty windsurf board for thrills or the surf board for tropical action?  I've got a good idea what I would pick.

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