Sunday, October 23, 2011

Windsurfing's Core

Saturday afternoon and Sunday on the weekend of the 8th we sailed the Core Sound off Harkers Island.  Saturday was certainly the best wind.  On a NE you can sail across to the banks and hit a sweet flat water spot that is even better than the Buxton Slick on a west wind.  Just enough water not to drag but pretty clean bottom.  Beautiful spot!  Saturday Roger, Kathy and I carried our gear through the mud, grass and across the island to try some NE wave sailing with Michael. This was the second day of the NE so it was pretty big out there.  Kathy and I did go out but it was Roger and Michael who actually made it look fun.  Humbling but a wonderful experience. 

Sunday being the 3rd day of NE everyone but Michael stayed sound side.  He rode some monster waves but wasn't making it look as easy as the day before.  It gets harder to stay up wind with side on wind and waves.  I did catch some flat water action with the gopro Sunday with Terry, Tracy and Sam.  Roger and Kathy had plans with the family.  Great weekend with great folks.  Windsurfing's core.

 Core Banks.  The sweet spot.

Michael, Roger and Terry.  Here Terry dreaming of his next appletini.