Sunday, February 26, 2012


A series of S and SW days culminated in an almost 80 degree February SW ramp fest.  Four souls dared challenge the Belews shore pound.  Three sailed back, one returned aboard the Stokesdale fire & rescue's craft.  We certainly appreciate those guys getting out in some gnarly stuff just ahead of the storm.  Lots of smack downs over the handle bars and even Don Wrenn made an appearance- quickly switching from 105L to 83L.


  1. Sounds like an awesome session. Glad everyone survived those extreme gusts.

  2. He's alive! And Don is alive too apparently. Glad you guys got it. Do tell.....what happened to the rescuee? Equipment malfunction, conditions too much, etc?

    Friday was nuts around here. Got in a sunrise sesh before of the local crew had it real good later in the day.

  3. The rescuee (Tyler) didn't have the right equipment for the conditions. He ended up on the north shore not far from the rock quarry. Worst part was on the ride back the board blew off the boat- with all his gear rolled up on top. Everything is on the bottom of the lake but his harness and top half of his mast...