Saturday, October 30, 2010

Fall colors are in, cold air is here, south wind is out

Hatteras was pretty epic this week but due to work schedules we missed out.  Ramp 30 was apparently the place to be and so everyone was.  Belews has been great the past couple weeks too.  Wednesday we had strong south so Leah, Don & I had a ball.  Best of all Leah planed on the 4.7/106L while I was right behind her !  Don was out on the 6.2/105L and I was on a 7.5/155L white knuckling ride.  Leah took a little break so I played with the 4.7/106 a little planing in the puffs which were pretty frequent.  In the evening I rigged the 5.8 to drop some speed since the 155L was wanting to take off and fly.  Good times.

 Leah's first voyage with small sail and small board

Don is here.  It must be pretty good!

I think she likes the small kit

Lit with a 4.7  Windy for Belews

  After the formula sesh Friday- The last warm evening for a while


  1. yeah...that is a heck of a sunset picture. Where did you lift that from? ;-)

  2. Thanks guys. I lifted this beaut off my little sony pt and shoot. Imagine how it would have turned out with one of your cameras! Belews is a great little spot. Not the Sound, but it is home.

  3. Okay I'm a tad the Triad Windsurfing blog site now in mothballs?

  4. Michael (Puff),
    It is. Windsurfing has lead me to lots of wonderful new habits -err hobbies. I'm trying to generate some more excitement inland get more folks into surf, paddle boarding and windsurfing. I felt it was a time for a change ;)

  5. Hey Ralph

    Saw your post on DW's website. Nice to know there are other inland boardriders out there. Some day I have to learn to windsurf and possibly kite surf. I saw your free clinics, might have to take you up on that sometime.

    Ride on