Tuesday, November 9, 2010

SUP surfing limits. Know when to say when.

We had some pretty cool air last week into this past weekend.  Last Friday I paddled Belews with Barry and had to keep dipping my bare feet to warm them but man what a spectacular evening.  Lots of fog showing the warmth getting sucked out the lake in the evening sunset in the midst of all those colorful leaves.  This was my little warm up for Saturday when I met Sambo at Surf City for SUP surfing.  I rolled up about noon and he had been at it since 10am- I walked across the dunes and my heart fluttered as I saw the clean waist to shoulder (somethime head high) rights AND lefts.  A chilly NW wind had the waves walling up and I knew it was on!

We surfed just those conditions all day long in wind that was straight offshore and sometimes cranking into the high 20's.  This was the most consistent surf I've ever experience through the course of a full day- most likely thanks to all that offshore wind.  Anyone who has SUP surfed in that kind of wind knows what an incredible workout is it dropping in ahead of the waves.  Also the lighter your board the better it is at turning into a kite and soaring projectile.  We both had to keep draining our water supply and incredibly both had tricep cramps for the first time ever.  Nothing else just tris.  As the sun got lower and the temps started to head back down we discussed maybe heading in and saving some for the next day.  That idea came up a few times.  Then we got to the point of one more wave then we go in, we were actually catching lots of one more waves as the sun set.  Did we learn when to say when?  I think not, but are bound to keep trying. 

 Sam drops in
 Sam on cruise control
Smoke on the water Sunday morning


  1. you up for another round this weekend?

  2. It was an awesome day. Thanks for the pics. Looks like we might have something similar this Thursday through Sunday.