Thursday, March 3, 2011

Belews? What blues, I forgot em.

The wonderful warm and windy month of February went out with a bang Monday.  I've sailed 8 times in 2011- all at Belews lake and 7 of 8 in February.  The wind was SW save one NW day.  Monday was the strongest longest lasting SW blast I've ever seen at the lake. 

I sailed from about 10:30 to 11:30 on the 85L stick with a 4.7  I kept out hauling and down hauling but eventually had to admit I was ill prepared for that much power.  I rigged the 4.2 and kept the 4.7 ready to go if needed.  Same story- from 11:30 to 2:30 it was more out hauling and down hauling until I realized I would have been fine with my 3.5!  It wasn't that silky constant Canadian Hole SW wind but for a little inland lake it was as good as it can get.  There was enough swell at the peak of the wind to rap around the west facing point in our cove and crash on my head while I was waist deep.  It kept howling until about 2:30 I guess and it fell off continuously as the edge of the front got close. 

I struggled with arm and hand cramping probably resulting from routine exhaustion, dehydration and wetsuit circulation issues.  I certainly didn't come out of many jibes dry.  One of the most fun ever.  It was a good day tater.

Here is the lake when i rolled up Monday morning.

Recorded weather history at the GBO airport half an hour south of Belews.

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