Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Stuff Not Forecasted

Friday - Monday the forecasters were correct 0 out of 4 attempts in the wind department.  Well not totally wrong- they did get the general direction.  Friday and Sunday I wind skated while Saturday was epic SW at Belews Lake.  Warm weekend wind means more now than ever since Leah is doing great and Sambo is turning the learning curve into a doing straightaway. 

Sam tried out a 10.5' SUP for the first time and was cruising like it was old hat right off.  A very impressive performance indeed- the transition to sailable SUP from beginner board is not a big deal once you understand using the rails.  My friend Joe came out for a while and we had 3 kits on the lake.  Joe is one of those natural athletes that is good at everything he tries.  It is pretty wonderful sailing with a crew on the lake.  Leah came around 3:30 after Joe headed out and rotated right in as the wind picked up another notch.  I was sitting in a chair trying to replace some fluid and didn't hear her come up.  She jumped out of the car with a big grin and was ready to go!  She has the comfort level to handle pretty much all lake conditions now so the hesitation in gone.  In no time she was planing on the ahd and 4.2 with perma-grin in place.  

I had a problem.  I had been sailing over powered- when the wind picked up another notch I was still on the 7.5 and couldn't rig down since the other kits took the rest of my gear.  This is the good kind of problem though and after maxing the down and out haul I was back at it until sunset.  Everybody got their fill Saturday.  We all had an Italian carb feast on the way home and slept the sleep only possible after an epic day on the water.  I can't wait for more.

Approximate Wind for Saturday in Greensboro


  1. had better wind last Sat than we did. Rob and I hit it on our 9.6s & 145lt boards...fully powered in SW 10-15 kicked up a notch over 15+ for a while though.

  2. It was a real treat. I wish it would have been better down south but 9.6 and 145 is nothing to sneeze at though. We gotta find some SUP waves and wind soon man!

  3. It was a great day. Thanks for setting me up.