Sunday, June 26, 2011

South End Wave Sailing. Nicely Powered.

Alan, Donald and I wave sailed near Ft Fisher Friday.  Nice SE swell and sideshore wind.  It was cloudy enough to keep the temps moderate and the water was perfect.  Fishcamp showed up after work and even broke out a kite when there was a lull in the wind.  That little surf board was pretty cool.  It was sooo nice being on the plane and jumping on the trips back out.  Not to mention having enough swell to cruise upwind coming in for the ride.  I was riding through the best conditions so no pics to mention.

I'm pretty sure Donald got some better shots.  I hope he did.  Here's Alan on a calf slapper.


  1. Well, if you can't make it to Hatteras, that will do. :)

  2. sambo- The Hatteras wave sailors were quiet lately. Did you look at any surf there? It was so nice saving over 4 hours driving and still getting good conditions.