Monday, June 13, 2011

Wave Sailing Sunday. More haste less speed.

Hatteras magic all right.  It has been hot hot hot and windless inland.  When Sam and I drove across the Alligator River there was no wind or swell Thursday.  That was weird and I was a little worried.  Once on Hwy 12 heading south we took our time and stopped by the Salvo day use.  Good luck wading through all the kites stretched across the little beach to launch your windsurfer.  There was a little breeze though and we struck out for Avon.  After checking in and rolling into the hole we rigged 5.8s and hoped for the best.  We got the best.  The wind ramped up pretty quickly and we sailed hard until sunset.  Friday was a repeat performance. 

Saturday the wind backed off quite a bit so we scouted around and ended up in Frisco on the beach for some SUP wave sailing and SUP paddle surfing.  Sam got his first taste of side on wind and we both got some fun rides.  Just a note- if you do plan to surf or sail on any of the beaches get there early.  Tons of people out there from Frisco to north of Avon.

Sunday was the real highlight day of the trip.  We checked out and got out earlier for low tide wave sailing.  Luckily some of the SE swell was already coming in and we got rock star parking in front of a great break.  We both rigged 5.8s and Sam used the 10' SUP while I used the 112L Kode.  The wind was light and side side off blowing hit and miss but man did we have fun.

Sam's first sailing waves. 

Trolling for surfers 

I tried some gopro helmet cam video.  Clew mount would have been much better but it is great reliving some of those waves either way.  It took lots of concentration with air that light but it makes you appreciate the rides that much more.  Can thigh high waves and no planing wind be that much fun?  You bet your skinny mast it is.

Light Air Wave Sailing- Windsurf and SUP Sail OBX, NC from r d moore on Vimeo.


  1. It was a great session. I caught my first waves with a sail. Riding the wind and waves at the same time is pretty awesome.

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