Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Wave Sailing the 10'5 SUP. Not so much light wind.

I hope all the dads had a great fathers day. 

We got to OIB around 2:30 Sunday and brought a t-storm with us.  We waited in the car about 20min for it to skirt by with a beautiful lightning show over the Atlantic.  Of course this cleared the beach and we had the place to ourselves until sunset.  Not to mention perfect temps after the oppressive heat- a little cloudy and just plain perfect.

I don't know if it was left over wind driven waves or a combination of that big t-storm laying offshore but the swell was coming in SSW and way nicer than I expected.  The waves were jacking up on the mid-outer bar and mushing gradually as they made it toward shore.  Great drops on steep faces with a few turns and then a fairly easy jibe or quick tack back out.  The wind was on side on but clocking sometimes on shore or a little more side side on- it was a good opportunity to practice holding clew first on the wave after the bottom turn.  As sunset approached the wind ramped up and the waves got more punchy.  I could have certainly broke out the Kode but had to head back to my parents.  No complaints after a surprisingly good SUP wave sailing sesh! 

Jennifer took these photos after a little body boarding.  Love you sis.

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